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About Us

Posted by Ric Jordan on

Welcome to KBS Knives, where craftsmanship meets excellence. We take immense pride in our legacy of crafting exceptional knives since 2000. Our dedication to the art of knife-making is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality, precision, and timeless beauty in every blade we create.

**Our Heritage**

For over two decades, KBS Knives has been a name synonymous with uncompromising quality. Founded by Ric Jordan, a master craftsman with a passion for blades, our journey began in the United States. With each passing year, we honed our skills and elevated our craft to become a symbol of artistry and innovation in the world of knives.

**The Art of Handmade Knives**

At KBS Knives, we believe that the true essence of a knife lies in the hands that create it. That's why we craft each and every blade by hand, employing techniques that have been passed down through generations. Our skilled artisans meticulously forge, grind, and shape blades using premium materials such as Damascus steel, 1095 steel, D2 steel, and various other tool steels. The result? Knives that are not just tools but works of art.

**Our Specialization**

We understand that different tasks demand different blades. That's why we specialize in a wide range of knives, including:

- **Hunting Knives:** Designed for the outdoorsman, our hunting knives are crafted to be your trusted companion in the wilderness.

- **Skinning Knives:** Precision and efficiency are key when skinning game, and our knives are expertly crafted to meet these needs.

- **Bowie Knives:** Inspired by a legend, our Bowie knives are a tribute to craftsmanship and American history.

- **Utility Folding Pocket Knives:** Practicality meets portability in our range of folding pocket knives, designed to be your everyday companion.

- **Kitchen Knives:** Elevate your culinary experience with our kitchen knives, crafted to perfection for both professional chefs and home cooks.

- **Chef Knives:** A chef's most essential tool, our chef knives are designed for balance, sharpness, and durability.

- **Fillet Knives:** Precision and flexibility are at the heart of our fillet knives, perfect for delicate filleting tasks.

- **Swords:** For those seeking something extraordinary, our swords are a testament to the art of blade-making.

- **Viking Axe:** A fusion of history and craftsmanship, our Viking axes are designed for both function and aesthetics.

- **Tracker Knives:** Versatile and rugged, our tracker knives are built for survival and outdoor enthusiasts.

**Global Reach**

While our roots are firmly planted in the United States and Pakistan, our craftsmanship knows no borders. We proudly ship our handcrafted knives and blades worldwide. No matter where you are, you can experience the excellence of KBS Knives.

At KBS Knives, we don't just create knives; we create heirlooms that tell a story. Each knife that leaves our workshop carries with it the legacy of craftsmanship, dedication, and a commitment to quality that spans over two decades. Join us on this journey and discover the artistry of knives like never before.

Thank you for choosing KBS Knives.

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