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What is the name of a tomahawk axe?

Posted by Marian F Nelson on

The name of a tomahawk axe can vary depending on its specific design, manufacturer, or model. Tomahawk axes are produced by various companies and craftsmen, each giving their products distinct names or models to differentiate them in the market. Some examples of popular tomahawk axe models or names from various manufacturers might include:

  1. Cold Steel Trench Hawk: Cold Steel is a well-known manufacturer of tomahawk axes, and the Trench Hawk is one of their models designed for tactical and utility use.

  2. Estwing Tomahawk: Estwing is another reputable brand that offers tomahawk-style tools, often designed for outdoor and survival applications.

  3. CRKT Woods Chogan T-Hawk: CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) produces a range of tomahawk axes, including the Woods Chogan T-Hawk, which is designed for camping and outdoor enthusiasts.

  4. SOG Tactical Tomahawk: SOG is known for its tactical tomahawks, designed for military and law enforcement applications.

  5. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk: Gerber offers a line of tomahawk axes, and the Downrange Tomahawk is designed for breaching and utility tasks.

  6. United Cutlery M48 Tomahawk: United Cutlery produces a variety of tomahawks, including the M48 Tomahawk, which is known for its unique design and versatility.

  7. Custom Handcrafted Tomahawks: Many craftsmen and artisans create custom tomahawk axes, often with unique designs and names that reflect their individual craftsmanship.

When looking for a tomahawk axe, it's essential to consider your specific needs and the intended use of the tool. Different models may have features and designs optimized for various purposes, such as camping, throwing, tactical use, or collecting. Therefore, it's a good idea to research and choose a tomahawk axe that suits your requirements.

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