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What type of weapon is a tomahawk?

Posted by Marian F Nelson on

A tomahawk, as offered by KBS Knives Store and in general, is a versatile hand-held tool and weapon with a history rooted in indigenous Native American culture and later adopted by European settlers in North America. Its classification can vary based on its design and intended use, but here are the primary categories:

  1. Melee Weapon: Historically, tomahawks served as melee weapons in combat. They were used for hand-to-hand combat, featuring a sharp blade on one side for cutting and chopping, and a handle for wielding effectively in close-quarters engagements.

  2. Throwing Weapon: Some tomahawks are designed specifically for throwing and are used in competitive tomahawk throwing sports. These throwing tomahawks are balanced differently to ensure accurate and consistent throws.

  3. Utility Tool: Tomahawks are practical tools with a wide range of uses. They can be employed for chopping wood, cutting rope, skinning game, and other outdoor tasks. Many modern tomahawks also incorporate additional features like hammerheads, pry bars, and pick ends to enhance their utility.

  4. Tactical Tool: Tactical tomahawks are designed for military and law enforcement purposes. They can be utilized for breaching doors, breaking glass, and other tactical operations. These tomahawks are typically built to withstand rugged conditions and may include various functional additions.

  5. Survival Tool: Outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists often carry tomahawks as part of their gear. In survival situations, a tomahawk can be used for shelter construction, wood processing, and self-defense against both wildlife and potential threats.

In essence, a tomahawk is a multifunctional tool that can serve as both a weapon and a utility tool, depending on its design, intended use, and the context in which it is used.

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