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Leather Bull Whip

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Ardour Crafts Kangaroo Hide Bull Whip 04 to 16 Feet, 12 Plaits Custom BULLWHIP Belly and Bolster Construction Indiana Jones Style Heavy Duty Light Brown Leather

  • Bull Whip has a 12 Strands Handle and 12 Strands Thong (The Braided Part).
  • The Thong (Braided Part) measured from the end of Handle to the end of Braid is 08 Feet. (The Fall, Cracker and Wrist Loop not included).
  • The Thong Made with a “Core” (inner most layer), 2 Cow Hide Bolsters, 2 Cow Hide Braided Bellies and Cow Hide 12 Plaits Braided Overlay.
  • Handle is 08 inches long. 29 Inches long Fall and 07 Inches Long Cracker/ Popper.
  • Includes Leather Belt Holder, Spare Fall & 5 Spare Crackers for Free. FULLY HAND MADE AND HAND CRAFTED.

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