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Get the Ultimate Crocodile Dundee Bowie Knife with 440C Steel Blade, Stacked Leather Handle, and Buffalo Horn & Brass Guards!| KBS Knives

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Custom Handmade 440C Steel Heavy Duty Crocodile Dundee Hunting Bowie Knife
Overall Length 16 Inches
Handle Made Of Stacked Leather , Buffalo Horn and Brass Guards
Razor Sharp Blade and Holds an Edge
Comes With Belt Loop Leather Sheath
Blade Length 11 inches
Rockwell Hardness 58-59 HRC 
Comfortable Handle Grip 
Blade treatment: mirror polishing

Crocodile Dundee Bowie Knife . The blade on his knife is between 10-11 in inches long and it is at least 2 inches wide. All Bowie knives have a brass guard which is used to deflect an attacker’s blows. The end of the brass guard is typically created in an upward position. The blade tip of a Dundee Bowie knife is big, sharp and very imposing. Most people use a Dundee Bowie knife as a weapon or as a survival tool. This type of knife was issued in the past to soldiers but now it’s more commonly used out in the wild. The handle of a Dundee Bowie knife is typically made out of Stacked Leather and Buffalo Horn .

People who earn their living in the wild think that the Crocodile Dundee knife is the ultimate survival knife. Many experts agree that the Crocodile Dundee knife would be suitable for outdoor use. The blades on the knives are made out of stainless steel and are very durable in the water. The knives are heavy enough to cut branches and practical for hunting. The knife can be formed into a spear and used for situations that call for lashing objects. Sparking fires and skinning animals are two other benefits that this type of blade offers to owners. When a person goes camping into a wild and not at designated camping site the Dundee knife could be a practical tool for them to use against wildlife, though most people do not use this type of knife for that purpose.

The Dundee knife was also used in the second film featuring Crocodile Dundee and it too created a huge demand from audiences and fans. Crocodile Dundee knife is manufactured by KBS Knives Store and we available it for Our customers. A lot of knife enthusiasts were amazed by Our Dundee’s knife and wanted one for their own collections.

Notes: The Crocodile Dundee knife is a clear homage to the knife used by Paul Hogan in the movie Crocodile Dundee knife, it indeed follows closely the shape and size.

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