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Viking Seax Knife - Full Tang 1095 Steel Blade, African Black Wenge Wood Handle - 15.5 Inches - KBS Knives Store

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Introducing our Viking Seax Knife with a Full Tang 1095 Steel Blade, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and history, available exclusively at KBS Knives Store. This knife pays homage to the Viking Seax while embracing contemporary materials and construction, making it the perfect choice for both collectors and outdoor enthusiasts.

Full Tang 1095 Steel Blade:

  • The Viking Seax Knife boasts a Full Tang 1095 Steel Blade, expertly crafted for superior strength, razor-sharpness, and exceptional durability.
  • This blade captures the essence of Viking craftsmanship and heritage.

African Black Wenge Wood Handle:

  • The handle is meticulously carved from African Black Wenge Wood, offering an exquisite blend of aesthetics and functionality.
  • This wood is known for its durability, adding to the knife's overall resilience and elegance.

Impressive 15.5-Inch Overall Length:

  • With an impressive overall length of 15.5 inches, this Viking Seax Knife provides extended reach and versatility for various tasks.
  • It's equally suitable for historical reenactments and demanding outdoor adventures.

Leather Roll for Storage and Transport:

  • Safely store and transport your Viking Seax Knife with the included Leather Roll, designed for secure and convenient storage.
  • This roll ensures that your knife remains well-protected and readily accessible.

Whether you're an aficionado of history or an avid outdoor adventurer, the Viking Seax Knife with a Full Tang 1095 Steel Blade is the embodiment of tradition and modernity. It's a versatile tool that seamlessly combines the authenticity of Viking heritage with contemporary craftsmanship. Elevate your collection or outdoor gear with this remarkable piece of history. Secure your Viking Seax Knife today, exclusively from KBS Knives Store, and hold a timeless legacy in your hands.